The enjoyment our visitors had in the gigantic Wave Pool reminding the great feeling of Sea bath will linger on in their hearts forever.  No other Wave Pool in India is generating such high diamond waves like Dream World.  The depth of the Pool at deeper end is 8 ft. and the capacity of pool is 7,00,000 liters.  The beauty of the pool is multiplied by four numbers of huge dragons on the sides and a large shark on the top of the Wave Pool emitting water from their mouths.  Even aged people and small children never want to miss bathing in this pool.

The visitors who do not want to take bath in the Wave Pool can sit in the beautifully built Pavilion, and relax as if they are in the Sea Shore.  Television is also provided in this Pavilion.


Stormy River slide is an enchanting ride which the visitors enjoy umpteen times.  The specialty of this item is that the whole family of five to six members can ride together in one raft.  It flows like a flooded river with the water pumped by three numbers of 10 H.P. Pumps.  Stormy River starts from a height of 30 ft., follows a smooth and beautiful zigzag route, and splash into a wide pool linked with Lazy River.


Space Bowl is the most thrilling Ride, which start from the top of our tower at 40 ft. height.  The rider travels through a tunnel as if he is under the influence of typhoon and falls into a pool after rotating in the Onion shaped bowl. Even the most audacious riders could not hide their initial embarrassment when they enter into the Bowl and suddenly fall into the Landing Pool before they feel the reality.  It is a wonderful experience mixed with shock and pleasant surprise.

Enjoyment of the spectators, who stand on the platform above bowl viewing the riders, is much more than the riders themselves. Seeing the shocked faces of the falling persons into the pool in funny poses, the spectators laugh uncontrollably as if they are watching a Charlie Chaplin movie.

Space Bowl from a height of 40 ft. is introduced for the first time in South India by ‘Dream World’. Though it looks very risky even teenagers feel it very safe and enjoyable.  Many visitors come repeatedly to slide on this ride again and again.


Crazy Cruize is an exciting long up-down slide with dual seated Raft. It starts from a height of 40 ft. at the tower and land up on a green-carpeted ramp situated near the Wave Pool.  It is an enthralling experience to ride on this slide.


Mat Racer is another attraction of our park.  The five-track slide starting from 40 ft. height of the tower ends at a landing pool and ramp after swinging like a pendulum with a speed varying from 30 to 40 km/h.  Some visitors used to come to the Park every week only to enjoy this Ride.  It remains as a memorable enjoyment for the visitors.


Riding through Amazon River in double and triple ring tubes is an amazing experience. It starts at a high speed from 30 ft. level of Tower and land up slowly at a water pool after traveling through a coiled and zigzag route of about 500 ft. length.  Such a long slide cannot be found any where in India.  Visitors of any age group can use the same with utmost safety.


Dream Splash is the most attractive ride for the majority of the visitors.  They scream with ecstasy when the boat carrying six persons falls on the water pool from a height of 45 ft., splashing water into sky.  Such a beautiful Water Chute with six-seated boat is introduced for the first time in India.  Water capacity of the pool is 3,00,000 liters.


This is an exciting item that is enjoyed by the adults and children alike.  We have different hall for Ladies and Gents.  People dance with ecstasy in the rain showered from nozzles fitted on the wooden platforms, and snow showers from the sidewalls along with the rhythm of music and rotating colourful lights.  Rain Dance with snow effect is made first time in Kerala by the Dream World.


Children are fascinated to use this body ride, which starts, from the Tower at 30 ft. level, moves in a zigzag route, and splashes in the water blocked on bottom of the ride.


It provides a tranquil journey to the visitors, old and young alike, on a slow moving Single Ring Tube.  The river flows around an island, which has beautiful flower plants, trees, bamboos etc.  It is a sensational experience to travel on Single Ring Tube under over bridges.  A smooth constant flow of water is maintained in the river with the help of electrically driven pumps and nozzles installed at regular intervals.


This pool is divided into shallow and deep with a capacity of 2,00,000 liters.  At Shallow pool, platforms with showers, tunnel, tilting buckets, swing, slides etc. are fitted.  This Pool is always full of visitors.  Children, ladies and gents love Dream Shower alike and enjoy the rides until the Park is closed.


This pool is made exclusively for ladies and children.  They enjoy freely in this pool until the day ends.  The pool is divided into 3 segments for small kids up to 3 years with 1.5 ft. depth, children up to 12 years with 3ft. depth and ladies with 4ft. depth.  6,00,000 liters water is used for this pool.  There are several fascinating water Rides in the pool like Typhoon Tunnel, Zoom Ride, Down Hill Ride, Dolphin Ride, Family Ride etc. etc. with 3 numbers of Mushrooms flowing water always.